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Arrest Me Not was created in the late-90s and is now
updated in the 20s as part of Cornhole.Basketball’s
“Stay In The Game” public service messages.
Arrest Me Not emphasizes “Correct Pullover Etiquette” when pulled over by
police & has been featured on MTV News, Oprah Winfrey Show + countless
other media. By the time you finish reading this sentence 13 people will get
pulled over could be next. Safe driving cornholers…
2023 Top 10 Do’s & Don’ts When Stopped By Police
1. BEST Line To Avoid A Speeding Ticket
DO Ask For a verbal or written warning instead of a ticket. (This specific tip is the ONLY proven line to avoid
an expensive citation and NO it isn't "Guaranteed To Work" in every pullover situation)
2. What NOT To Say
DO NOT admit that you are guilty of any violations. If you do, it can be used against you later (i.e. traffic court).
3. Best Question To Ask
DO politely ask the officer(s) "May I ask why I have been stopped?" and wait for his/her answer.
4. WHY Police Think You LIED
DO look directly into the officer(s) eyes when speaking to him/her. If you don't, you may be looked at as not
being truthful.
5. 2nd DO after Parked
DO lower your driver's side 3" inches and pleasantly greet the officer(s) immediately when he/she approaches
your vehicle. It's for your safety.
DO remain in your vehicle unless otherwise directed by a police officer. Exiting your vehicle without being
requested is seen as an aggressive move by police. Remember this - OPEN doors. OPEN problems.
7. Two Trick Questions Police Ask
DO know the two trick questions police officers may ask ("Why were you going so fast?" or "Do you know why I
stopped you?") Questions like these are designed for you to admit guilt. Your response in similar questioning is
to wait to be told why you were pulled over.
8. What You NEVER Do to Police
DO NOT lean forward in you seat under any circumstances as you are being pulled over, after your are stopped,
or as the officer approaches. It is perceived as an aggressive move.
9. Correct Position When Talking to Officers
DO keep both hands on the steering wheel as the officer(s) approach your vehicle. WAIT until asked, before
searching for license/registration.
10. Know Your Rights
DO know your "Miranda" rights and that any passenger(s) may also legally be required to exit the vehicle. MOST